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Acid-Free Non-Toxic Etching — The ElectroEtch® Approach

A  non-toxic printmaking method devoted to the preservation of traditional etching techniques by ecological methods

The mission of ElectroEtch Enterprises is to continue to improve upon non-toxic printmaking techniques by developing and propagating knowledge of very low-voltage anodic etching. ElectroEtch is the only non-toxic method of platemaking that allows printmakers to work and rework zinc and copper plates regardless of size, using all traditional etching techniques established over the last 500 years as well as some fascinating new ones. Not only is the use of acid avoided, but there is no hydrogen generation when zinc is etched.


I had no idea there would be so many fine creative expressions of Marion's work included among the more straightforward test patterns!  That makes the collection doubly valuable and instructive showing the various techniques emerge as artistic pieces.  Several methods - the ink penetrates, resist lines, and brush strokes - are rather powerful creative impulses, in spite of what perhaps may have been a more didactic intention.  It is a wonderful teaching collection, and I hope to use at least one example next year to represent the future of printmaking in our exhibition celebrating 150 years of print collection at the Smithsonian.

With warmest personal regards, I am. 

Sincerely yours, Helen E. Wright, Curator, Graphic Arts, NMAH-MRC 633

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