Artist Statement
I am an artistic explorer. Over the years my work has taken different directions as a result.

“Image Early” and “Cancel Cancer” literally began during my radiation treatment. The radiation cradles lined up on the shelves continually stimulated my imagination. They made me think of and wonder about other people who were going through similar treatments. After seeing these shows, women spoke about their cancer experiences and others had mammograms for the first time.

“Seeking Soles,” a response to 9/11, began when a curator asked for a show that could speak to children as well as adults. Families in the area had lost loved ones. Paper maché, paper, found objects, wire, stockings and cloth are materials to which children relate. As they stood looking at the show, most often with a parent, some began to talk about using similar materials in their own artwork. These conversations took a bit of the horror out of the moment. The show brought out an incredible interaction between family members – an experience I will remember for a lifetime.

Painting has been a passion since childhood. At seven, I won the National First Place Award for illustrating “Dimples and Cocksure,” in a Doubleday children’s book competition. Many years later I actually illustrated a children’s book for the same company.

My line drawings are stream-of-consciousness – a kind of diary using lines instead of words.

Printmaking became a fascination at Parsons. Working with master printer Mohammed Khalil gave me a firm foundation. Eventually, the acid became a problem – but this turned into an opportunity when it inspired my husband Omri and myself to invent ElectroEtch®, a non-toxic method of etching. The ElectroEtch process replaces acid while allowing the artist to create a traditional-looking print.

Ultimately, being an artist means creating. For me, creating, exploring, searching… color, texture, form… is what makes life rich.

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